Fall Ride Approaches: DOT Says Be Extra Careful

Sep 12, 2017

Credit en.wikipedia.org

Wisconsin Transportation officials note August was one of the lowest months for traffic fatalities since World War II.

52 people died last month, equaling a low fatality mark also set in 2009. But a D.O.T. safety official says motorcycles are taking to the roads this fall and pose a challenge for drivers to keep everyone safe. The Tomahawk Fall Ride is this weekend, and thousands of Harley-Davidsons will be in the Northwoods.

The DOT's David Pabst says drivers should remember that motorcycles don't have a large profile so be extra cautious with more of them around...

"...especially at intersections. We're asking everyone to be aware and look twice for motorcycles at intersections, especially when making turns and changing lanes. Motorcyclists can do their part by wearing bright clothing, protective clothing and visible gear. Tragically, three out of four motorcyclists who died in crashes last year were not wearing helmets...."

58 motorcyclists are among the 396 fatalities this year, including 42 pedestrians and three bicyclists. Traffic deaths through August were four more compared to last year. The deadliest August occurred in 1969 with 154 fatalities - the single worst month for traffic deaths in Wisconsin history.

Over the recent Labor Day weekend in Wisconsin, a preliminary total of three people lost their lives in traffic crashes compared to six over the same holiday period last year.