Familiar Voice Visits Northwoods

Feb 5, 2014

You might not have heard of Joshua Kane…but chances are you’ve heard his voice.

“Probably been driving your local population crazy with ‘Eight crispy crunchy carmelized corners so crispy that a team of astrophysicists could shrink themselves down to study it.’”

Kane is a New York-based actor who has done voiceover work for many commercials, including a recent Little Caesar’s ad.  Radiolab listeners may also recognize Kane as the voice of Robert Louis Stevenson from a first season episode called “Who Am I.” 

Kane is in the Northwoods for two performances at Nicolet College.  One delves into psychic communication, called Borders of the Mind.  And the other is a macabre storytelling performance, featuring stories like Edgar Allen Poe’s "The Telltale Heart.''

“’True, nervous.  Very very dreadfully nervous – I had been an am.  But why will you say that I am mad?  The disease had sharpened my senses, not dulled them.  Above all was the sense of hearing acute.’”

Kane says in the same way his commercial voiceovers are designed to get attention, onstage his purpose is to transfix the audience.    

“I want to stop people from wanting to check their cell phones, stop people from wanting to detour their minds from their email, their text messages.  I want people when they enter the theater to be able to let go of all that, and just be joyfully present.  In the way that generations before us were present when they would tune in for an old fashioned radio show.” 

Joshua Kane performs Thursday and Friday nights at Nicolet College.