A Few Dry Days Could Result In A Forest Fire: DNR

May 22, 2014

Canadian forest fire
Credit Cameron Strandberg-commons.wikimedia.org

While wet conditions continue from a snowy winter and a cold, wet spring, a DNR ranger says don't be lulled into thinking the fire danger isn't there.

DNR Forester/Ranger John Gillen in Rhinelander says the time prior to 'green up' or the time prior to plants having new leaves, is a time when fire danger can be high. Even though it's been damp, he says things can change quickly...

".....but like every other spring fire season here in the Midwest...all it takes is a few days of drying weather and those dry leaves, twigs and branches can dry out very quickly and the potential for a forest fire increases as those materials dry out..."

He says with the influx of visitors north over the Memorial Day weekend, he reminds everyone needs to be careful about starting a fire....

".....90 percent of our forest fires in the nation are caused by humans. So we always need to be cognizant of what we are doing, and the potential for any ignition source to cause a forest fire...whether it's charcoal briquets.. or a campfire or a chain on the boat trailer dragging down the highway...."

Gillen says more information about preventing forest fires and other regulations...including moving firewood... are available on the DNR website.