As First ACA Deadline Looms, Application Assistants Lend A Hand

Dec 22, 2013

Monday is the deadline to pick a plan on the federal health exchange, if you want your coverage to start January 1st.  Most insurance companies are extending the deadline to pay for that coverage…until January 10th. 

With the federal online health exchange working better, more people are signing up.
Credit Will Brady

Meanwhile healthcare groups in the Northwoods are seeing an uptick in the number of people asking for help signing up via the exchange.

Myra Kubesh is a certified application assistant at Langlade Hospital.  She says many people have questions about whether they qualify for a subsidy...and what kinds of coverage different plans offer. 

"And I think a lot of them were just nervous about the online process. Especially if they’re not used to being on a computer, or having an email.  I had one person that was really upset about having to go through that process.”

Kubesh says their office is now helping about 10 people a week with the sign up process.  And she says fewer technical glitches are making it easier. 

“The system is improving, I think it is going really nicely. I do see new features almost every day, or every time I go on there which is really nice.” 

Most Northwoods hospitals have one or more people available to help sign up for insurance on the health exchange.