Fix Is In To Host Wausau Area Neutering Event

Jun 1, 2013

Credit Courtesy The Fix Is In

A Rhinelander pet clinic is hoping to help control the pet population in the Wausau area by offering discounted neutering services. The "Fix is In" director Karla Ortman says cats are an overlooked population when it comes to treatment.

"'s not just in Wausau, it's everywhere. Organizations everywhere are trying to come up with creative ways to help cats. One of the easiest thing to do is make sure your cats are spayed and neutered..."

 Ortman says they're hoping to help curb the population of stray cats in the area.

 "....we are offering this $5 cat neuter thanks to a grant from the ASPCA and we are hoping folks in the Wausau area take advantage of this and bring their boy kitties in and get them neutered..."


Karla Ortman says neutering will keep male cats from spraying, and has other benefits as well.

 ".....he won't want to roam as much, he won't want to fight as much, so if he goes out he's not going to be coming back with gashes and wounds and things like that that could get infected...."

The Fix Is In website has more information.

(Courtesy WSAU radio)