FIX IT! Water Leaks Cost Money, Water Waste Is Big $$

Mar 16, 2016


Your toilet runs continuously, you have a faucet that drips. These types of small water leaks combine to be a costly expense for the property owner and a huge loss of a resource says a state utility official.

This is Fix-a-Leak-Week.

The EPA and Public Service Commission of Wisconsin are reminding homeowners it's time to fix the leaky plumbing says PSC spokesperson Jeff Stone...

"....we know every year in the U.S. a trillion gallons of water is wasted because of leaks in homes...."

Stone says while homeowners balk at having the work done due to cost, long term, not having it done adds up even more...

"....there's a larger problem of utilities having to supply water that doesn't get used, so we need to build bigger and bigger utilities to meet the needs. In addition, the repairs are inexpensive compared to the water bill...."

Stone says using appliances with the WaterSense label is best. That means it is a low-water use device. He says efficient appliances and fixing nagging little leaks will help you save money and stop wasting water....

"....showering on a daily basis, those are some of the biggest water uses each day in our home. When you look at toilets, showers and sinks can have a big impact ultimately on the water bill by fixing leaks and being the most conservative with water that we can...."

He says leaky toilets usually are from a worn out flapper in the tank which is cheap to fix. A constantly running toilet can use 200 gallons of water a day. If you want to find out more information, Google the EPA and fix a leak.