Forest Co. Board Approves More Land For Hometown Trolley

Sep 13, 2017

Credit Hometown Trolley

The Forest County Board Tuesday approved giving or selling a portion of land at the fairgrounds in Crandon to Hometown Trolley to make way for the company to expand.

WJFW TV reports the company has a plan to expand, but needed the space to make it happen. After considerable discussion, the Forest County Board approved the land deal. A question arose that if the county sells part of the fairgrounds the deed states that comparable facilities needs to be found if the transaction lasts more than 20 years. A committee was formed to work on fair options.

Interim Director of the Forest County Economic Development Partnership, Mark Ferris, says he thinks all parties can work out a deal...

"....ultimately it's a very positive result, some details to work out, but I'm very confident those things can be addressed and taken care of to the satisfaction of everyone involved, be it Hometown Trolley, the county board and the Forest County Fair group..."

Ferris says the planned expansion will have a major impact on Crandon and the area...

"...these are family-sustaining-income type of jobs. That impact on the creation of jobs, the types of incomes that their employees can earn there and the trickle-down effect on the money being spent in the community...."

Hometown Trolley makes trolleys and buses for transportation that have a nostalgic theme. They employ 50 now, and when the expansion is done, could employ up to 200.