Four Rhinelander Students Compete at Special Olympics State Summer Games

Jun 8, 2015

Pictured (left to right): Sgt. Tyler Young, James Michniak, Krystal Kriesel, Keegan Marko, Hannah Karstedt, Officer Jim Robbins.

Four Rhinelander high school students competed in the Special Olympics State Summer Games this weekend, including one girl who took home a gold medal.

Hannah Karstead won first in the softball throw and 3rd in the 50 meter run. James Michniak took 2nd in the 100 meter run . Krystal Kriesel (KREE-zal) placed 4th in the softball throw. Keegan Marko placed 4th in both shot put and the 100 meter run.

It was the second year that all four students competed at the Special Olympics State Summer Games, held this year at UW-Stevens Point.  "It’s so much fun," says Coach Shelley Lehman, a special education teacher at Rhinelander High School. "The whole community comes out for it, the whole state. They had law enforcement from all over for the opening ceremony."

The Rhinelander students had their very own police escort to the games: Police School Liaison Tyler younger and City Officer Jim Robbins.

The program teaches full-body health as well as competition, says Lehman. "We started for track and field in March. They started actually by participating in a Boot Camp, where they start kind of working out getting into shape they also incorporate into the practices healthy eating. They make a healthy snack once a week at one of the practices."

The Rhinelander School District team is off for the summer. In October they’ll start training for the bowling event.