Frozen Road Law Changes Have Begun For Heavy Haulers

Mar 9, 2018


It's the time of the year when heavier loads on Wisconsin state roads are banned. Department of Transportation spokesperson Rob Miller says this week the DOT announced that the frozen road declaration has come to an end across Wisconsin.

He says at the same time the Class II road restrictions are in effect....

"...the Frozen Road Law is something we implement every winter. We faze it in as temperatures get colder across the state. Then about this time of year is when we have to declare an end ot the frozen road law, which applies to commercial trucks, especially those carrying commercial timber products and salt and sand for winter maintenance...."

Miller says the Class II road restrictions apply to about 1,400 miles of roads susceptible to damage from heavier trucks during the spring thaw...

"....the overall goal here is we enter this period of temperatures getting warmer. The frost is coming out of the ground. We want to make sure we're taking steps to protect our highways, protecting the subgrade underneath and that is why these measures are going into place now..."

Local county or town road maintenance authorities are responsible for determining when local and county roads are frozen or thawing.