Gas Prices Could Fall To $3.00 A Gallon

Sep 14, 2013


A gas price expert says the good news is fuel prices will be dropping this fall, the bad news is U.S. drivers spent $3 billion dollars more this summer on gas than in 2012.

Petroleum Analyst Gregg Laskoski from the website


"....we hit the highest price July 18 at $3.68 per gallon, that was the national average. The low only came down to $3.49 on July 4. So we had a gap between the highest and lowest prices for the whole summer of just 18 cents. Other years we've seen much greater gaps. Because it was such a narrow gap, it meant we had a higher average price...."


But Laskoski says all the indicators are for falling retail gas prices over the next several weeks. He says early in the summer there was concern about the Middle East. He says if the Syrian conflict lessens, prices will fall reducing the "fear premium" from crude oil prices. In the U.S., supply is good across the board...


"....we could see gas prices in the fourth quarter, in December, somewhere between $3.10 and $3.30 per gallon as a national average, and we wouldn't be surprised if there are some markets that get below $3.00(per gallon)..."


Wisconsin's statewide average is $3.58 per gallon.