Gas Prices Likely Stable For the Holidays, Rise In 2014

Nov 21, 2013


Holiday gas prices are expected to be stable but longer term they are likely to rise again, according to a petroleum analyst for the website gas buddy dot com

Prices have been declining since summer, with some stations in Milwaukee below $3.00 a gallon.

Patrick DeHaan says as the weather gets colder people don't drive as much...


"....with the switchover to winter gasoline the drop in demand is one of the reasons for prices to drop in the cooler months. It's just a fact that U.S motorists don't do as much driving when the temperatures are cooler...."

He says the switchover to less clean winter-grade fuels are mostly complete, also lowering the price. He says domestic oil production is on the rise, and there has been a period of relative calm in the Middle East. He says there were no major hurricanes in the oil producing and refining areas this summer and fall which also stabilized prices...


"....gas prices across Wisconsin average about $3.14 a gallon. I see a range of about $3.10 to $3.20 for the next month or so. Prices then may generally head up as we head into the new year...."

Prices across the Northwoods were in the $3.21 range in Rhinelander and Tomahawk, $3.22 in Minocqua, $3.29 in Eagle River, and $3.15 in Antigo. It's $3.14 in Wausau.