Gas Prices Usually Rise In The Summer. Not This Year

Jun 13, 2017


All spring gas prices were nudging upward but that has changed.

A spokesperson for the gas price watchdog website says we have a shot at reaching historic gas prices this summer.

Senior Petroleum Analyst Patrick DeHaan refreshes our gas pump memories...

".....over the last week or so, gas prices across Wisconsin have fallen about five cents per gallon. The statewide average today is $2.30. Believe it or not, that's 21 cents lower than gas prices were a year ago on this day. For a reference last summer ended being the cheapest summer since 2005. With prices today 21 cents below where they were last year, it's possible we're rewriting history...."

Those lower prices could be the cheapest gas in more than a decade. DeHaan says lower crude oil prices are 'fueling' the down turn...

"....oil production among the highest it has been in two years and that's pushing the price of oil down. Combined with no major refinery issues have gas prices following that downward trend...."

Some states aren't as lucky as Wisconsin. Refinery issues in Hawaii has 'driven' their price 54 cents a gallon higher, Nevada is 34 cents higher, Alaska 32 cents and California 31 cents per gallon higher.