GBBC Reaches An International Audience

Feb 24, 2014


They didn't all fly south, as a local bird watcher says good numbers of birds were seen in the Northwoods during a recent count.

The Great Backyard Bird Count has grown to an international event says Bob Dall of Rhinelander. He says with the global reach of the Internet, birders can go online and watch as data comes in, collected two weekends ago across the planet....


" our own county, Oneida county, I think 43 checklists were turned in. More than 200 birds were observed with 22 species, from just those folks who participated...."

Dall says local birders saw some familar species including cardinals, bluejays, chickadees, Mourning Dove among others. But Dall says it encouraged him because activitiy at his bird feeder had been down this cold winter....


" was good for me to see, as our numbers have dwindled at our feeders this year. With the severe weather you begin to think, 'gee, are they freezing to death, or what is going on?"....

Dall says others have seen good activity, his belief is the birds move where feed are cover are the most plentiful.

If you search on the Internet for the Great Backyard Bird Count you can find years of data.