Groups To Study Location For Two OC Departments

Jun 22, 2013

Oneida county is still trying to figure out where to locate some departments after two departments moved into the new Oneida Senior Center downtown.

A work group will provide a recommendation on where to locate the UW-Extension and Land and Water Departments. The Department on Aging and Health Departments moved into the former Northern Advantage Building. The county has a lease agreement at the Rhinelander-Oneida County Airport were Extension and Land and Water are housed. They share support staff. Extension leader Erica Brewster says they're short space at the airport and wouldn't have enough space at the courthouse...

Erica Brewster
Credit UW-Extension


" we've formed a workgroup from the Buildings and Grounds committee at the courthouse and our UW-Extension Land and Water Conservation committee and our department heads to look at options at how we might configure our departments to find an adquate space for all of us..."

Brewster says they will look at the situation for this year's budget planning, but ideally, would like to take enough time to make the right choice. Brewster is asking people who use Extension services or Land and Water Conservation to offer their ideas to their county board representatives.