Grow North Looking To Retain Youth With Local Jobs

Dec 27, 2016

Credit Grow North Regional Economic Development Corp.

Grow North Regional Economic Development Corporation is looking to build on an ambitious agenda as the organization enters 2017.

The organization works to grow business in eight Northwoods counties, along with representatives from tribal governments and schools.

President Collette Sorgel says the goal is to show that the Northwoods is a region open to economic development and a place to work and raise a family...

"....we spend a lot of time making sure people know that the Grow North region is a region that wants to be developed and we want to have business and be sustainable and we want our children to stay here when they finish school...."

Sorgel says they have four goals...

"....workforce development, which we are working in collaboration to attract, promote and retain workforces in our region. The Grow North region is eight counties in northern Wisconsin. Along with that we are looking for entrepreneurship, looking to attract and grow new businesses in the Grow North region...."

Sorgel  says they also want to continue expanding higher speed Internet, expanding sustainable forestry, wood products production and keeping freight rail in this region. She says they're also looking at helping continue the growth of the K-12 Fab Labs, which began in Three Lakes and are now in other Northwoods school districts.

More on the organization is  here.