Hand Grenade Found In Vilas County, Detonated

Sep 6, 2013

An old Korean-War vintage hand grenade was detonated by the area bomb squad Thursday after the explosive was discovered at Arbor Vitae.

Korean War era hand grenade
Credit blog.timesunion. com

Incoming Vilas County Sheriff Joe Fath says the live grenade was found on property at Old Highway 51 Road by the Hiwatha Trailer Resort.

Fath says a former resident at the resort apparently had owned the device and it was in a storage facility. He says it was found by a current resident...


"....in short order we had an officer from the Oneida County Sheriff's Office who is on the bomb squad secure the hand grenade and then a short while later an officer from the Marathon County Bomb Squad came and they recovered the grenade and took care of it at a local gravel pit...."


The hand grenade appeared to be an old "pineapple"-style MK2 fragmentation grenade. No injuries were reported. Law enforcement officials established a secure perimeter around the device.