HAWK Signal To Begin July 31 In Minocqua

Jul 30, 2013

Mid-block pedestrian signal "HAWK"
Credit Wikipedia

Motorists and pedestrians in Minocqua Wednesday will be seeing a new pedestrian crossing device called a "HAWK".

The High-Intensity Activated Cross-Walk has been installed south of Rogers Drive-U.S. 51 intersection near Minocqua Furniture. D.O.T. engineer Joanna Bush says as a pedestrian or bicyclist touches an activation button, a different lighting system begins for motorists...


"....once the pedestrian pushes the button, the vehicular traffic will see a flashing yellow ball. This means the beacon has been activated. The flashing yellow is followed by a flashing yellow, which means the drivers should stop if safely able to do so, and then a solid red. Once the vehicular traffic has stopped, and the solid red comes on, the pedestrians will see a "walk" indication...."


After the pedestrian clears the intersection, the red indications for the motorists will "wig-wag" back and forth alerting them the pedestrian or bicyclists has safely crossed and they can proceed on. The signal stays dark until activated by a person crossing the street.

The crossing is designed to be placed in high-traffic areas that don't have a stop sign, mainly in mid-block areas. The DOT is placing the new signal in several Wisconsin communities that have high-traffic areas.