Health Insurance Deadline Draws Near

Mar 23, 2014

People who need health insurance have just about one week left to sign up on the online health exchange. 

The open enrollment period ends March 31st. 

Mary Testin at Wausau’s Bridge Clinic is healthcare Regional Coordinator for Central Wisconsin.  She says a lot of people may have been putting off their decision until now.   

“It seems like people are waking up, because my phone is just ringing off the hook.  The deadline is real, it is not extended.  March 31st is the day, everyone must have healthcare or they’ll get a penalty.”

The minimum penalty for the first year is 95 dollars.  But it could be as large as 1 percent of your income – whichever is greater.  There are also additional charges for having children without insurance. 

Testin says she’s urging people to explore the options on the exchange, because she’s seen a lot of people come away surprised. 

“We have had some wonderful things happen where people come in, they’re sure they can’t afford it, it’s going to be terrible.  And they walk out of our clinic smiling, laughing, grateful that this is there for them.”

Bridge Clinic is holding a session in Rhinelander to help people sign up on March 28th…at the Rhinelander District Library.