Hunters, Land Owners Can Get DNR Help To Improve Habitat

Jan 11, 2018


The state is offering a program for hunters and others to help improve wildlife populations on private and public land.

Called theĀ  Deer Management Assistance Program, or DMAP, program coordinator Bob Nack says while many hunters focus on deer, the program is good for all kinds of wildlife....

"....really a program that is intended to work with hunters and landowners to do habitat improvements on private and public land that benefits all kinds of wildlife depending on the interest of the landowner. Many people have a specific interest in deer, so discussion focuses in those areas but really it's a wildlife habitat improvement program...."

Program enrollment helps landowners with habitat and deer management information; communication with local DNR staff; annual DMAP reports and publications; volunteer opportunities; and invitations to workshops. Nack outlines how you can sign up...

"...people can enroll at any time of the year, but if you're going to enroll 160 acres or more and you want to be eligible for a site visit with a wildlife biologist and a forester this year, we're asking people to sign up by March 1...."

Interested landowners, hunters and land managers will join nearly 1,100 current DMAP cooperators managing habitat for wildlife on the property they own or hunt.

Nack says go to the DNR website and in the search box put "D-Map".