Hunting Shacks Need CO Detectors Too

Nov 10, 2013


Hunting cabins will be busy in the next several weeks, and after that, ice fishing shacks. But a utility spokesperson says stay vigilant against a silent, odorless killer.

Leah VanZile from Wisconsin Public Service says with the cold weather here, the portable heating devices also come out for the shack or camper....


" is the time to make sure those furnaces are working properly and also that they are properly vented. Carbon monoxide is odorless, colorless and tasteless and can build up if an appliance is not properly vented...."

She says it's smart to put a carbon monoxide detector in your recreational dwelling, just like your home. She says check the vents to make sure animals aren't nesting there, blocking the air flow.

Also, Van Zile says as you are hunting, stay alert for downed power lines...

" cases where they serve a cabin way back in the woods. If nobody has been there in a while and that line has been taken down by a tree or the wind we've had over the summer and fall,(WPS) may not know that line is out of service and the line is down. It could possibly still be energized..."

More information is on the Wisconsin Public Service website under 'safety'.