"Invasives Roadshow" In Four Northwoods Counties Friday

Jul 11, 2017

Credit Wikimedia Commons Tony Webster

Four Northwoods county land and water conservation departments are hosting a one-day event Friday for the public to bring in a critter or plant that might be not native to Wisconsin.

The invasive species road show involves Oneida, Vilas, Langlade and Bayfield counties and the Wisconsin Headwaters Invasive Partnership.

Oneida County aquatic invasive coordinator Stephanie Boismenue explains the day..

. "....people who have a plant their not familar with, or whether it's an aquatic or terrestrial, in water or on land, if they're not familiar with it and they suspect it's a possible invasive species, or some kind of snail or insect they suspect is an invasive they can bring it to our station on Friday, July 14 from 1 o'clock to 4 o'clock...."

The Invasive Species Road Show is being held Friday afternoon at Trig's Greenspace in Rhinelander, Trig's in Eagle River, Langlade County Resource Center in Antigo and the Northern Great Lakes Visitor Center in Ashland.

Contact your county Land and Water Conservation Department for more information.