Jet Stream Bringing In Pacific Air Causes January Thaw

Jan 20, 2017


Each year, mid-to-late January weather is some of the coldest weather of the season.

The past several days makes you think it's closer to April than February. What is the reason for the warm spell? National Weather Service meteorologist Jeff Last in Green Bay says it's the jet stream...

"....we have a jet stream pattern that drives the weather across the Midwest and all of the Northern Hemisphere, for that matter, this jet stream continues to bring Pacific air masses into Wisconsin. What that means is more rain than snow and the mild temperatures we've seen over the last few days...."

How long will temperatures be above normal?

" least through the weekend into next week, that jet stream pattern with the westerly flow will continue into the first part of next week, if not more than that, there's not much to change this weather pattern in the short term so I think we can continues to see temperatures in the upper 30's and lower 40's across the Northwoods...."

As a contrast, the Thursday afternoon temperature in Fairbanks, Alaska was -39.