Keep Water Running: Rhinelander Administrator

Apr 10, 2014

Keep it running!

Temperatures have gotten warmer above the ground, but temperatures below ground is the concern as Rhinelander and Tomahawk residents are being asked to continue running their water to avoid freeze ups.

Rhinelander City Administrator Blaine Oborn says, for now, to continue running the pencil-sized stream of water...

".....the plan of the city is to keep it running. We're still thawing and wierd things happen when it thaws, so as a precautionary measure and to avoid further freezeups, we're still advising residents to continue running their water...."

At one point during the peak of the cold weather, Rhinelander had more than 200 frozen water pipes in both the residential and commercial areas. Oborn says they will continue to monitor the weather and another announcement could be made in a few days.

A Tomahawk city hall spokesperson says residents there also should continue to run water until notice is given.