Kemp St. Construction May Disrupt Traffic Flow

Jun 15, 2013

A main artery into Rhinelander will be closing soon and will be shut down for several weeks.

Construction is coming soon to Rhinelander's Kemp Street.
Credit Grant Hollingworth

The city of Rhinelander is doing new utility lines and will extend the work down Kemp Street. Kemp is the southernmost of three bridges over the Wisconsin River in Rhinelander.

Water and Wastewater Superintendent Tim Kingman gives us an update as to closure dates.

"The earliest it could take place is the week of the 24th. It could be as late as after July 4th. Construction is not a precise science given days when we have weather (problems) or other issues. We're trying to narrow it down to a specific day to inform the public of a specific day this is going to happen."

Kingman says depending on conditions, Kemp Street could be closed for four months. The road is being closed from the east side of the Wisconsin River bridge up to Arbutus street.  Local traffic will be allowed but no through traffic.