Key Meeting April 30 For The Look Of Rhinelander's Downtown

Apr 21, 2014


The public is invited to a meeting next week which could determine the look of downtown Rhinelander for generations to come.

Downtown Rhinelander, Incorporated and the city of Rhinelander are planning to renovate the downtown streets in 2016 and 2017. The city is expected to receive a grant this week to help fund the underground upgrade of Brown and other streets. Downtown Rhinelander is working with a firm to design a new downtown look called a Streetscape.

Downtown Rhinelander's Executive Director Maggie Steffen says the city's engineering firm will have a presentation and take comment...

"....Wednesday, April 30 at Hext Theater in downtown Rhinelander, the engineering firm Vierbicher(Associates) has put together this meeting. It is part of their process. It will enable the public to learn more and put in some of their input...."

Steffen says there will be information stations about the proposals, including how to get around downtown during construction. . Steffen says a chief concern among downtown businesses is access while construction is happening...

"...We're working very hard to make sure there is going to be plans in place so that you'll be able to access your favorite business downtown. You don't have to avoid it..."

Plans are for a second public meeting in mid-summer to show the changes brought about by the input from the meeting April 30.

Funding for the Streetscape planning is provided by the state Community Development Block Grant program and the city of Rhinelander.