Kids With Bike Helmets Get Rewarded By Police

Jun 18, 2014


Rhinelander kids on bikes could be surprised with a sweet treat if they are wearing bicycle helmets.
Since last week officers on patrol have been looking for kids wearing the safety helmets as part of the "Safety Is Sweet" initiative.

Police Chief Michael Steffes says this is the second year the department has had the campaign...

"'s very important to us that all kids wear the bike safety helmet as it's the main way of keeping their heads safe while out and about on their bicycles...."

While sometimes kids get caught doing something they shouldn't, Steffes says in this case, something good will happen....

"....if we can catch the kids with their bicycle helmets on while riding bicycles, officers have coupons in the squad car they can give them, little 'tickets' a reward for wearing a bike helmet. They give them free treats certificates at various ice cream locations..."

Steffes says if an officer is on an emergency call they won't stop. In 2012, 726 cyclists were killed and 49,000 injured in accidents in the United States