Kleefisch, Chandler Talk Tax Reform In Rhinelander

Mar 7, 2014

Two top state officials met face-to-face with local residents to talk about ways the state can lower the tax burden. A fact-finding event, both officials said that input would be part of a report they will file. Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch and Revenue Secretary Rick Chandler met with business, non-profit, education and economic development representatives, among others. Chandler said Wisconsin has fallen to the tenth highest taxed state in the nation. He says the Republican administration would like tax reform to be a main component when building a better business climate...  

Lt. Gov. Kleefisch, Revenue Sec. Chandler at Nicolet College
Credit WXPR
  "....we travel around the state and talk to businesses. We hear about a lot of things that affect the state's business climate. We know that the business climate in the state is affected not just by taxes, but by the quality of our workforce, the quality of our education system, the regulatory environment..."

 Chandler says Wisconsin's property tax level is 26 percent above the national average. Income tax is about 28 percent above the national average. Sales taxes were 35th, 16 percent below the national average. Corporate sales taxes are 18th, at the national average. Kleefisch says the information gathered will be used to help put together the next biennial budget, should Governor Walker be reelected.