Klett Delivers $10K Marketing Check To RCOC

May 22, 2014

Stephanie Klett(with check) delivering Joint Effort Marketing money to the Rhinelander Chamber of Commerce
Credit WXPR

The state's top tourism official dropped by the Rhinelander Chamber of Commerce Thursday with a big check to promote this year's Boom Lake Log Jam.

Tourism Secretary Stephenie Klett delivered $10,000 in Joint Effort Marketing money to promote Rhinelander's relatively new event. She says it's a competitive marketing grant and there were many groups hoping to get some of the promotion money. She says Rhinelander's application stood out....

"....and because it's our tax dollars, it has to be scrutinized, so it lets you know how great of an application that was...."

Klett says Oneida county has quietly built itself into a "go to" place for visitors...

"....tourism in Oneida county...you had an incredible year, up six percent to $197 million dollars...that's fantastic. That's one of the larger jumps in the state at 6 percent. The statewide average was about 3.8 percent...."

The Boom Lake Log Jam is set for June 20-22, mostly at Boom Lake. Among the activities are lumberjack shows and exhibitions, food, and music. More information is on the Chamber of Commerce website.