Kreitlow Named Senator Baldwin's Northern Rep

Jul 24, 2013

Pat Kreitlow

Former Democratic State Senator and 7th Congressional District candidate Pat Kreitlow has accepted a job as U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin's northern representative.

Kreitlow lost to Republican Sean Duffy for the 7th District Congressional race in 2012.

Kreitlow says his new job enables him to meet with people on behalf of the Senator...

"....I'm very honored that (Senator Baldwin) would ask me to be her regional representative for northern and central Wisconsin. So, in those many cases, when she's in Washington and there are people that need to be met and events that need to be attended, I'm very happy just to continue to do what I've been doing most of my life...meeting with people and trying to answer their questions..."

Kreitlow says if you wish to contact him, to go to Senator Baldwin's website....

"....the website...if people want to go there and fill out the information online for their questions or concerns is Baldwin.Senate.Gov...."

Kreitlow served in the Wisconsin Senate from 2007 to 2011 from the Chippewa Falls area.