Langlade County Buys 2300 Wooded Acres

Jan 22, 2014

Langlade county courthouse

The Langlade County Board of Supervisors made a major land purchase Tuesday.

The board purchased 2352 acres of what's called prime woodland from Plum Creek Land Company for a price tag of just under $4 million. The land is all within the town of Langlade in the eastern part of the county.

County Forest Administrator Eric Rantala says the county received a Knowles-Nelson Stewardship grant for half, or just under $2 million dollars. Rantala says it's a great timber resource...


"'s heavily wooded, all productive high ground, mainly basswood, maple, ash, cherry,birch, ash, beautiful hardwoods. It's a well-roaded block of property adjacent to county forest..."

Rantala says the property will remain open to recreation...


" does have a recreational value to it currently a portion of the Langlade county snowmobile trail goes through it. It's been used for many years for people to hunt and it will remain open...."

Rantala says the plans are to close on the property in February then start with timber sales in the spring.