Leadership Oneida County Deadline Application Nears

Aug 26, 2014

Credit openclipart.org

A program that has graduated people trained to be the next generation of Northwoods has a deadline this week for the next class.
Leadership Oneida County began in  the fall of 2008 and has kept its format of a nine-month  course. It's designed to show participants what the county has as assets and where they could fit in as a leader.

The Rhinelander Chamber of Commerce is one of the sponsors. Director Dana DeMet says the idea is to bring out the next generation of leaders...

".....the program seeks to bring emerging leaders into contact with current leaders of the county to bring a greater awareness of issues facing the county at this time, as well as a lot of the opportunities that are already available within Oneida county for community service, leadership opportunities as well as careers...."

In the past years, members of local business, education, media and interested parties joined the course. The application and information is on the Rhinelander Chamber website or call the chamber office at 715-365-7464.