LEAN Coalition Event Considers Health Equity Across Demographics

Jul 1, 2014

A Northwoods health coalition is putting the spotlight on health equity next week, through a discussion with an expert on health in Native American communities.

Health equity tries to measure the quality of healthcare that different populations receive. 

Oneida County Community Health Specialist Kyla Waksmonski explains that health inequity is evident when certain demographics are less healthy than others.

“The ideal situation is that everyone, regardless of demographics – poverty, education status –that we all have similar health outcomes.” 

The chronic disease prevention coalition called LEAN, or Linking Education, Activity and Nutrition is organizing the talk with Dr. Kelly Moore.  She is visiting from the University of Colorado’s Center for American Indian and Alaska Native Health. 

Waksmonski says Moore is working as a coach for the LEAN coalition. 

“She’ll be helping us learn how we can tie health equity as a broad category or concept…into real life applications here in the Northwoods.  So what are we experiencing as far as health inequities go, here in the Northwoods?” 

As part of her visit next week she’ll give a public presentation at the Hext Theater in Rhinelander…on Wednesday July 9th at 4 pm, with discussion to follow. A presentation and update from LEAN will start at 3:30.  

The LEAN coalition targets Oneida and Vilas counties.