Local Charity Says Holidays Are Time to Help Needy Families

Nov 6, 2013

November and December is a big time for shopping.  It’s also a critical time for people who need assistance. The Rhinelander Salvation Army is seeking bell-ringers to stand outside big stores and collect donations. 

Rhinelander Salvation Army is kicking off its holiday bell ringing.
Credit Sage Ross

WXPR’s Ken Krall sat down with coordinator Kim Swisher.

 Swisher says 86 cents out of every dollar goes to help needy families in Rhinelander.

“You know sometimes it’s hard for us who are more fortunate to understand the needs of people who are really facing difficult times.  The economy’s been rough on a lot of people.  And that’s where the salvation army comes in –to really help people out in times of emergency.”

Swisher says people come to the Salvation Army for help with rent, heating bills, or medical emergencies.  

Swisher says last year the group raised almost $30,000.  But that was down from the year before. 

“And the need is greater than ever.  And so we really rely – in fact our primary source of funding is the bell ringing.”

Swisher says people can sign up online for two-hour shifts.   Bell ringing starts the Friday before Thanksgiving.