Long School Year Comes To An End

Jun 12, 2014

School is finally out for the summer, for most students.  Mercer has its last day Friday.  Northland Pines and Rhinelander school districts finished Thursday.  Several other districts like Three Lakes and Tomahawk finished last week. 

Credit Basheer Tome

It was a long year for many students, thanks to canceled days of school during the winter months.

Northland Pines District Administrator Mike Richie says rain and cloudy weather on the last day of school helped the kids hang in there. 

“I wasn’t sure what to expect going in this late in June.  Should’ve been out on the 10th, which is even late.  So the kids, it’s just another day, and it’s exciting to have the last day of school.  The kids – they had a great year, and it’s finally coming to an end.” 

Extreme cold and snow canceled seven school days this year for Northland Pines.   Instructional hour requirements meant the district had to make up four of those days.  So it canceled one inservice day, and added two days onto the end of the year.

“We also added ten minutes to our start time, beginning the 4th quarter, so we lengthened our school day for the entire fourth quarter, which made up one full day.” 

High school seniors at Northland Pines graduated last weekend, so weren’t in school this week.