Mayor Asks To Keep Water Running

Mar 10, 2014

Rhinelander utility worker recently thawing pipes along Stevens St.
Credit WXPR
  The warmer weather    Monday could lead Rhinelander residents to stop running their tap water to prevent freeze up. Mayor Dick Johns says you should still keep running your tap water. He says the surface might warm up some, but where the pipes are located is still very cold...  

" have to keep running your water until the city tells you to quit because we'll be checking it all the time to be sure the frost is out of the ground...if you(stop running the tap water) you could have (a freeze up again)."

 Johns says to date, about 500 homes and businesses have had frozen pipes in the city. He says city crews worked through the weekend after getting almost 30 new freeze up calls late last week...  

"....we had three units going out, one broke down on us, putting us down to two, but everybody has been working their tail off trying to get everybody squared away and everybody happy, but you can't please them all, but we're doing the best we can..."

 Johns says it's likely the run water request will last another month. He says the water utility will give customers a break on their bills.