McCabe Running To End Questionable Political Practices

Sep 13, 2017

Mike McCabe
Credit Mike McCabe-Twitter

Earlier this week another candidate entered the race for Governor, a political outsider who will run as a Democrat.

Mike McCabe spent 15 years working for campaign and political reform with the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign. He later founded "Blue Jean Nation", a grassroots political organization designed to reform government. He announced his intention this week at the family farm in Clark county that he was running for Governor.

He says the public has to rise up and change what he calls a corrupt political system.

"...we have to reach a point where we have an economy in Wisconsin where if you work you won't be poor. There has to be living wages for every worker. There has to be healthcare for all. There has to be internet to every door step, every household in the state and we have to have debt-free education and job training. We have to give people the tools to do more for themselves and for each other. We have to empower 5 million people in the state...."

He says the state has to reverse the long-held theory that by giving tax breaks to a few that it will eventually trickle down. McCabe says the campaign system favors the wealthy and what he calls " "bribery"..

"....when you run for Governor you can take as much as $20,000 from a single individual.$80,000 from a political action committee. I can't in good conscience take them. I won't take a donation more than $200. To me that means this campaign is going to have to be people powered and crowd funded. It's going to be people giving their time and energy...."

McCabe says he will enter the Democratic primary, as running as an independent puts a candidate up against very long odds to win.

Tomorrow we'll hear from another Democrat hoping to win the Governor's job, state Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Evers.