Meeting To Discuss Solar Power On Mercer Library

Feb 20, 2017


A meeting is set for Saturday in Mercer to discuss the possibility of putting solar panels on the Mercer Library as a demonstration to see how a system works for the community.

Wendy Thiede says the Friends of the Mercer Library have been discussing the idea of installing a demonstration system on the roof of the library. She said they got prices for a project, then paused, hoping to get more information.

They decided to bring in an expert to help...

"....a couple of months ago I contacted Christopher LaForge from Great Northern Solar in Port Wing, Wisconsin to see if he could do a program for us which would be a two-fold program. One, just general information for any one who wants to come and then he also would analyze our specific situation at the library a little bit...."

LaForge will show how solar power can work in the Northwoods.  Thiede says the use of solar in Wisconsin is growing with more jobs generated within solar manufacturing than in fossil fuel energy sectors....

" could be really cool for the area in many ways. The system, the students could download information at the school and study it and maybe panels could be built in our business park. That is looking to the future, but, that's why we're doin' it...."

The information meeting is set for February 25 at 10:30 a.m. at the Mercer Community Center.