Mercer Library Hopes to Aid in ACA Understanding

Dec 8, 2013

The Mercer Public Library is holding a series of info sessions on the Affordable Care Act this week.  Several certified health exchange navigators will be there to help explain the online marketplace.

Staff from Iron County UW Extension and area health professionals will present the explanatory sessions on Obamacare this week.  Mercer Library Director Teresa Schmidt says experts will help point individuals in the right direction if they need one-on-one help.                

“It won’t be walking through all of the steps completely.  It’ll be an introduction to the benefits that are available, an introduction to the website, and I think they’re going to go over what kinds of information you’re going to need to get signed up.”

Schmidt says there’s still a lot of confusion surrounding the online health exchange, and library staff have been receiving questions about healthcare changes that they can’t answer. 

 “We do have people who have questions about it, wondering how it affects them and whether the website is working now or not.  I understand that it is working much better.  So I know people have sort of been putting off their decision on this because they were unsure about how things were working.”

Schmidt says the library can also play a helpful role in the process by providing internet access…since many people in the Mercer area have little or no internet at home.  

One session will be held Monday at noon, and a second on Thursday at 5 pm.