Mining Bill Favors Only One Side: Legislator

Dec 26, 2013

Rep. Janet Bewley(D-Ashland), 74th Assembly Dist.
Credit Wisconsin legislature

A candidate for a northern Wisconsin state Senate seat says the state needs a new mining law before she would consider backing it.

Democrat Janet Bewley represents the 74th Assembly District, including Iron, Price and a portion of Vilas county.

Bewley says mining is not a yes or no kind of question, as it is more complicated. She says the people of the north want to have a strong economy and jobs that intersects with their values...


"....if that is mining, then we need a new law, we need new legislation. The mining bill that was passed recently is inadequate to match the values of the people of the north...."


The Ashland Democrat says the bill is a very limited definition of mining that satisfies only the business side of the issue....


"....the equal rights, the corresponding values of the communities, the units of government, the people and the environment are not represented in that bill in the same way the interests of mining is(represented)..."

Bewley is running to fill the seat being vacated by long time 25th District state Senator Robert Jauch..