Minocqua Police Chief Position Being Advertised

Jan 28, 2014

Downtown Minocqua
Credit en.wikipedia.org

After evaluating many options, it looks like Minocqua will continue with a police department and it's own police chief.

Following the resignation of Chief Andrew Gee, the board explored the option of discontinuing with a police department and contracting police services with Oneida county. Town Chair Mark Hartzheim says the board decided against it...


"....we did look into those things, we did dicuss it a couple of times a the (town) board meetings and the concensus of the board is there's not much interest in actually moving forward with contracting because we feel like we have a level of service here that the public enjoys that could never be duplicated by the county...."

He says for future reference, they will continue getting information about costs and other considerations of not having a police department, but that option is off the table for this year.

He says the town board did decide to fill the police chief's position. Lieutenant David Jaeger(yay-grr) has been named "Officer in Charge" for several weeks. Hartzheim says they're moving ahead...


"....our Officer In Charge, Lt. David Jaeger is interested in that position, so we expect he will apply. And he may well be the chosen candidate. But we felt we wouldn't be as thorough as we should be if we did not advertise the position and see what candidates were out there...."

Hartzheim says the board felt they owed it to the taxpayers and the police department to do a thorough job in picking the new leader.