Mole Lake-Rhinelander Form MOU For Golf

Apr 12, 2017


The Rhinelander City Council has approved a Memorandum of Understanding which will permit visitors to the Mole Lake Casino Lodge to get a break on prices to use the Northwood Golf Course.

Council member Tom Kelly outlined the agreement...

"....this is very similar to the hotel packages we put together with the local hotels in the area. It gives a reduced rate for the guests staying at the Mole Lake Casino Lodge...."

Golf course Superintendent Joe Anderson told council member Tom Gleason this could be new visitors...

"....(Gleason) Do we get a lot of golfers from there now? (Anderson) No, we believe this is a situation where discounted rate is better than not being able to play at all...."

The Northwood Golf Club has been scrutinized after reports that the city had loaned the golf course more than a million dollars over decades with little hope of getting it repaid. The property was offered by Wausau Paper and the course began operation in 1987. A deed restriction said the property had to be a municipal course or the land had to be returned to Wausau Paper.

In other action Monday, the council approved not allowing the sale of tobacco products at the golf course.