Museum Raising Funds for Train Restoration

Jun 15, 2013

A fund drive is underway to repair and preserve the train at Pioneer Park in Rhinelander. The Logging Museum complex includes the historic train and boxcars as a reminder of the Northwoods Logging era.

The Rhinelander Logging Museum hopes to raise money to protect an historic train.
Credit Erin DeYoung

Mayor Dick Johns and others are hoping citizens step forward to contribute to the restoration of the train and to build a roof over the top to help preserve the attraction.

Mayor Johns says the wooden cars and the train need immediate attention.

"We're talking about $175,000 to put a roof over the whole protect it from the weather. There are certain areas that have to be done at sections at a time. The wooden cars have to be taken care of immediately.....we're working on them as we go along."

Johns says he's called other railroad-related historical groups to help with fundraising, but he says the majority of the funds needed will come from the community.

"And I've just started working in the community with the banks and a couple of other areas, and I'll be working on that the rest of the summer. At least raise enough money to keep those cars in shape and also the rail."

A fund has been established at city hall, the "Rhinelander City Hall Historic Railroad Fund".  City hall is at 135 South Stevens Street.