Natural Gas-Electric Supply Adequate But You'll Pay More

Jan 28, 2014



While propane users have been nervous about getting enough fuel during the cold snap, natural gas and electric users don't have the same worries. But your bills will likely go up.

Leah Van Zile from Wisconsin Public Service says the amount of energy used will be higher than average...


" customers should prepare themselves for higher bills due to that fact we are using more gas. (Natural) gas prices are staying relatively stable which is very good news. However, because of the increased useage, that will make an impact on your bill...."

Van Zile details just how cold the last month has been...


"....January has been 15-17 percent colder than normal and about 20 percent colder than last year. Our gas supply is good for all of our residential and commercial customers we are expecting bills come February will be substantially higher than last year..."

Van Zile also cautions people who use alternate heating to be cautious. Electric and fossil-fueled space heaters should be away from flammable objects and have properly ventilation. She says make sure your carbon monoxide detector is in good working shape.