New Boat Landing Possible On Rhinelander Flowage

Feb 19, 2014

Wisconsin River near Rhinelander
Credit WXPR

A parcel of land along Highway 47 in Newbold is being eyed by the town board as a possible new boat landing site, pending Oneida county's negotiations with the town.

The lot along the Wisconsin River/Rhinelander Flowage was offered for sale at $45,000. The county board this week approved a move to give the county and town nine months to see if a deal could be worked out.

Newbold town supervisor Ed Hammer told the Oneida county board the town has an interest in developing a new landing....


".....we're looking for partners on it. We're just in that process now, Chairman(Dave) Kroll is going to be talking to the (paper)mill about some potential partnerships. There were no bids on this property. There were no bids on this property when it was up for sale, so it's not like it's a hot prospect for someone...."

Newbold requested the board hold off on dispensing with the property until the town electors have a say whether the town should buy it.

County supervisor and realtor Jack Sorenson questioned whether another boat landing was needed. He says the other landings start on the Wisconsin off Highway "D" at the Rainbow Flowage....


"...there's a boat landing on River Road which is a small town park, there's a boat landing on Bridge Road behind Frederick's bar, there's a boat landing on Apperson Drive, but there's a public access the town of Newbold owns on Surf Road which is less than a mile north of the property we're talking about...."

The board voted to start negotiating with Newbold, pending a decision by town electors at the annual meeting in April. The resolution says a county committee has to report back on the parcel's status.