New Law Overrides City Deer Hunt Laws

Dec 12, 2013


The city of Rhinelander deer hunt was canceled this fall after the number of nuisance deer had diminished. But the hunt can resume after Governor Walker signed a bill this week.

The bill allows for greater crossbow use and also opens up deer hunting in cities across the state. But Rhinelander city council member Alex Young points out the bill also takes away many of the regulations local communities had over bow hunts within city limits...


"....the legislation impacts our ability to regulate those hunts. The one thing we are allowed to regulate is the setback from other residences. It was brought up at PPP committee(Protection of Persons and Property) meeting last month, and it's going to be brought up this coming Monday...."

Under the new law, hunters must stay at least 100 yards away from properties. Past city-enforced regulations such as registering with the police department have been pre-empted by the new law. The distance regulation is the only one the city can enforce and Young says they will decide what distance to use at the Monday meeting. The late bowhunting season is on until January 5 so he says theoretically hunters could hunt within the city limits.