New Oneida County Employee Pay System Adopted

Feb 18, 2014

Oneida county courthouse

By a vote of 18-0, the Oneida County Board changed the way they compensate employees.

Following the enactment of ACT 10, governments have been formulating new pay approaches after collective bargaining for most public unions was eliminated. Oneida County contracted with consultant Charles Carlson, who suggested pay scales built on market value and performance, rather than a time served basis. The adopted system enacts a new step system for non-supervisory jobs and performance based pay for supervisors. It does put caps on some pay levels.

Supervisor Bob Mott grilled Carlson about whether the new system was given a fair review by employees. Carlson said it had..

"....question, have employees had a chance to see it? Yes. And what have they said about it? Nothin'..."

Other supervisors said employees had attended meetings and were aware of the changes.

The county did away with performance reviews for some employees several years ago. Under the new system, performance reviews will be conducted by supervisors under a system to be determined. Supervisor Bob Metropulos felt the new system as designed could lead to....

"....I hate to use this term...but we don't want to get into a 'kiss butt' type situation here....?

Opponents fears were relaxed when an amendment brought forward by Mott passed allowing employees to form a committee that could address concerns. Those concerns would be heard by the county Labor Relations and Employee Services Committee.

Two-thirds of the Oneida County workforce is over the age of 45.