New "PAL" Shows State Recreational Opportunities

Dec 20, 2013

Public Access Lands Atlas(PAL)
Credit Wisconsin DNR

A new DNR Public Access Lands Atlas...with the acronym "PAL"... is now available online and in a printable format. The atlas highlights the significant increase in public access to Wisconsin lands made possible through the Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Program, as well as other lands open to the public for outdoor recreation.

The atlas contains 441 maps, two indexes, a glossary, and extensive contact information to help you connect with land managers to learn more about the properties.

In comments supplied from the DNR office, Secretary Cathy Stepp says the atlas is a type of all-in-one document to the state's outdoors...


" has color maps, easy to use index and detailed contact information, all designed to locate some of the most unique places our great state has to offer...."


For more information go to the DNR website and type the keyword "atlas" in the search bar. You can also download and print the maps from your home computer.