New Pay Plan Likely Going To Oneida County Board

Jan 9, 2014

Oneida county courthouse

The Oneida County Board in February will consider a new way to pay employees which...among many other points.... sets in place merit pay for extra achievers and caps pay increases.

A committee this week recommended a multi-faceted change in how compensation is handled. Separate wage schedules were established for salaried and non-salaried employees. The schedules establish a market value. For management and professional staff, it sets a wage point pay beyond that achieved by extraordinary effort.

Human Resources Director Lisa Charbarneau says rather than automatic pay increases, employees will need to excel to reach extra pay...


"....we talk about that there had to be some sort of give-and-take for going to that 120 percent(maximum)..and that would be the 'give' side for the employees. In order to get to that level, they're going to have to meet some other expectations...."

The committee also approved a change in health care benefits where the employee-employer split all future health insurance increases until the employee portion is equal to 20 percent of total premium. Dozens of other categories were addressed.

Consultant Charles Carlson says he will address the new plan in an information only session at the January 21 county board meeting with the proposal going to a vote in February.