New Recycling Sorter Opens in Eagle River

Jan 8, 2014

Recycling may be getting easier, for some in the Northwoods.  Eagle River Waste and Recycling has completed a new sorting facility, that separates different kinds of recyclable materials.

Single-stream recycling may become more common, now that a new sorting facility has opened in Eagle River.
Credit Michael Cote

Jenni Raats is the company’s account manager.  She says customers in Eagle River…won’t have to sort their recyclables any longer.

“We’ve made recycling so much easier for all our customers.  You can take all materials, glass, plastic, tin, aluminum, paper, cardboard – even small kitchen appliances, toasters and things like that.  Put them all loosely in one container.”

And the machines will do the rest.  Raats says it’s the Material Recovery Facility is the only one of its kind in the Northwoods and the Upper Peninsula.  It can sort more than 20 tons of material per hour.

“There’s several stages  pull out – separate paper from cardboard.  There’s a glass crusher that breaks up all the glass and has that fall through.  There’s blowers that blow any shredded paper that gets through and separates it out.”

The facility has brought in 18 new jobs.  Half of those are full time. 

Eagle River Waste is also in charge of recycling pick-up for Ashland and Tomahawk residents.