A New Year's Resolution To Lose Weight? Start Slow

Jan 1, 2015

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New Year’s is a time for new resolutions, and one popular resolution is to hit the gym.

Getting the first day right can make a difference says an expert.

The YMCA of the Northwoods is open on New Year’s Day, and it’s one of their largest membership drives of the year. Marketing and wellness director Chris Cook says doing that first workout right can make or break a New Year’s resolution.

"It’s very common to see on New Year’s Day, a lot of people will come in…they’ll come right off a sedentary lifestyle, right off the couch and overdo it that first day, which is less than ideal because they’re gonna wake up the next day with soreness. Immediately they’ve hit a roadblock for day two, day three because they’re too sore to get back into the gym."

Moderation is key for that New Year’s Day workout especially if you haven’t been too active. The other key is relationship building. Whether with a fitness instructor or friends at the gym, it’s that camaraderie and accountability that helps people keep those New Year’s fitness goals going throughout 2015.